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Frontier Woodland Services, LLC was created in 2016 in order to fill a need in northeastern Ohio. Only 10-15% of timber sales were being administered by Foresters, ODNR Service Foresters had 12 month+ waiting lists for services, and the other Consulting Foresters were turning work away. 

Frontier Woodland Services values the resources our ancestors have bestowed upon us, and wants to ensure that future generations have greater opportunities. Whether your woods is in need of its first improvement thinning, a sale to put your grandson through college, or it is time to start the forest over with a regeneration harvest, we do it all.

We started with a single forester, Daniel Castellucci, and his wife, Danielle, behind the scenes and in the office. Slowly we started to grow. The first steps were to bring on seasonal interns. These were college students that wanted to get their hands dirty and learn how their degree might apply in the real world.

Measuring a large Hickory tree
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