Timber Harvest

Large or small we work with the landowner from start to finish

Timber Stand Improvement

Unable to work in the woods? No time? Not sure how? Let me help

Forest Management Plans

I specialize in writing plans that make it easy to reach your goals

Other Services

Timber Inventory/Appraisal, Timber Theft, and More


Timber Harvest

Every Timber Harvest starts with a consultation. I need to understand why you are considering a harvest and what resources are in your forest.

The Timber is then selected, marked and tallied. Selection is the most important part of the harvest. Deciding which trees stay and go depends on your goals. In most cases the trees that are left in the woods are more important the the trees harvested.

Bid packets are sent to loggers and sawmills. They are invited to inspect the timber and submit a sealed bid. You decide who to sell to, and I supply a contract that is designed to protect you!

I'm not done when the contract is signed. I conduct inspections throughout the harvest process to ensure the right trees are cut, damage is minimized, streams are protected, and the property is reclaimed.

Forest Management Plans

Management Planning is the process of describing what your woods is today, along with a step-by-step plan towards what you want your woods to be. It starts with a walk through the forest and an interview to determine why you own your woods; why is it important to you, how would you like to see it in the future, what are your goals? Keep in mind that most plans have multiple goals.

Plan types/ goals:

  • CAUV/OFTL tax reduction programs

  • Certified Ohio Tree Farm

  • Timber Production

  • Wildlife

  • Aesthetics

  • and more

Timber Stand Improvement

Timber Stand Improvement is the work done in the woods. It can be as simple as cutting grapevines, planting trees, or as technical as completing a Crop Tree Release. Services I offer include:

  • Tree Planting

  • Grapevine Cutting

  • Crop Tree Release (Cull Tree Removal)

  • Wildlife Habitat Construction

  • Something missing? Ask